Volunteer Opportunities 


   Volunteer Graphic Designer Needed


The 5th grade committee is seeking a volunteer graphic designer to help design the Aiken Class of 2024 t-shirt based on the 5th grade yearbook theme.  Please reach out to jennford22@gmail.com for more information.  


Would you like to help make new families feel welcome at Aiken? Then sign up to be a part of the Welcome Wagon, a Buddy Family program that pairs new families with veteran families to help ease the transition for both students and families new to our school.


We are looking for a few families to help be a part of this great program aimed at creating new friendships and helping new parents and students understand the ins and outs of Aiken (and all of West Hartford).


Responsibilities include: sending out an introductory email to introduce yourself and your child to the new family you’ve been paired with; asking your child to include the new student in recess games; inviting the new family to meet you at Aiken events (Fall Festival, Pizza Bingo, etc); answering any questions the new family may have (or helping to guide them on where to find answers). 


If you are interested in being a Buddy Family, email Abiah Ruel at abiahruel@gmail.com. In the email, please include the name and grade level of your child. We will work to match families with a new child in their class.